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2DTalk cannot be possible without these amazing staffs!

Let’s learn a bit more about them:

  • Producer – Founder
    Producer started 2DTalk as a way to express Anime-related ideas whenever it is Adaptations to Games to Mobages. Producer is also a fan of the Idolm@ster and Priconne series. In fact, the name “Producer” derives from the series, Idolm@ster. Producer watches a good range of Anime, but tends to prefer Fantasy and light-hearted Slice of Life genres.
  • Sopix – Staff
    Sopix joined 2DTalk after forming the idea with Producer in creating 2DTalk. While Sopix watches a lot of Animes, he enjoys school-theme Animes with elements such as magic and fantasy. Some of his notable favorites are, Bofuri, Charlotte, Sword Art Online, and Railgun.
  • Pops – Staff
    Pops joined 2DTalk to expand his horizon of Anime and Anime-related topics. He doesn’t have a preference in specific genres and just watches whatever gets thrown at him or interest him.
  • Xirius – Staff
    Xirius joined 2DTalk on Spring 2020 to dabble on discussing about Anime and Anime-related topics. Given free time, Xirius explores many anime shows of various genres, while being always ready to try out niche Anime titles that went under the radar. Xirius tends to gravitate toward Action, and Psychological genres of Anime. Lastly, Xirius has a mild allergic reaction toward harem anime.
  • Kay – Contributor
    A casual enjoyer of Anime and VTubers. His favorite genre is Slice of Life.
  • Gewr – Contributor
    A fan of Japanese media and art, his interest in Vtubers began with Ai-chan’s earliest videos. He found the concept and its potential fascinating and enjoys following its ongoing evolution.
  • Valhime – Contributor
    Interested in Japanese language and culture. Budding translator. Introduced to Vtubers through Kizuna Ai, climbed out of the VTuber hole for a bit, then fell back in for more. Currently trying not to drown in a seemingly never-ending VTuber hole filled with a sea of gacha games. SEND HELP.
  • Wakarimas – Contributor
    Dragged into the pit of writing hell by a scientific certain anime girl, now this gentleman tries to wriggle out from the despair he was thrown to. His sin is only learning what he wants and not what he needs. Something that he expresses pridefully with no remorse. Nowadays, his soul is siphoned little by little from his day job of being a company slave. Secretly enjoying the writing discussion but never admit it to the Producer.
  • Rotto – Contributor
    Peruser of Manga. Fine with ANYTHING as long it’s in Anime style. Even lewds
  • Leonidas – Editor

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