Procrastination Preparation for Anime Expo 2022

Writer: Producer With Anime Expo getting closer and closer, we need to make sure we are fully prepared for a big event. Recent events caused Anime Expo to host its events only online for a few years, making many, including myself, crave an in-person convention for a very long time. While many are excited, itContinue reading “Procrastination Preparation for Anime Expo 2022”

Anime-Expo 2019 Reflection of the Reflection

Writer: Producer Editor: Leonidas So as you can see, Anime-Expo also referred to as AX in their community, has recently published an article based on its 2019 reflection. As I was reading this article, I grew pretty frustrated with the way they said some things. This is simply an article reviewing their reflection, my full Anime-ExpoContinue reading “Anime-Expo 2019 Reflection of the Reflection”