Princess Connect Re:Dive Final Impressions + Season 2 Anticipation

Princess Connect, Re:Dive (Priconne for short), is an Anime produced under Cygames Picture, which is also the subsidiary of the main company that produced Priconne, Cygames. The Anime aired 13 episodes from April to June during the Anime Spring 2020 season. After the Anime aired along with a season 2 announcement, 2DTalk staff, Producer, Xirius,Continue reading “Princess Connect Re:Dive Final Impressions + Season 2 Anticipation”

Anime-Expo 2019 Reflection of the Reflection

Writer: Producer Editor: Leonidas So as you can see, Anime-Expo also referred to as AX in their community, has recently published an article based on its 2019 reflection. As I was reading this article, I grew pretty frustrated with the way they said some things. This is simply an article reviewing their reflection, my full Anime-ExpoContinue reading “Anime-Expo 2019 Reflection of the Reflection”