Mirishita and the ¥1.4-2.1 Million Compensation

Author: Producer

Editor: Leonidas

On March 20, 2020, due to a specific bug in an in-game event for the game, Idolm@ster Million Live: Theater Days (Mirishita for short). The bug was a calculation error in one of the new event, Platinum Star Twin Stages; This mechanic being an automatic selection deck of 5 unique idol cards that you own with the best stats in either Vocal, Dance, or Visual. In which, the number of stats in that said deck grants a certain amount of event points when you play a live. While I played the event personally, I was rather confused about this new stats-deck mechanic as it felt that it is done purposely to avoid being too similar to another event. As a result of the bug, the developers have decided to set the stats to maximum for the duration of the event and give out a specific set of compensatory items to all players:

  • 7 Fes Masterpiece
  • 6 SSR Masterpiece
  • 180 SSR Lesson Tickets
  • 360 SR Lesson Tickets
  • 1,500,000 Money
  • 2500 Jewels
The automatic stats deck mechanic that is said to be bugged.

Let’s break it down to how much these items are actually worth.

We’ll be comparing this draft of items to the Dream Flower currency which is basically unused gacha points, which is generally accumulated from specific banners either due to reasons such as, not having enough Jewels, simply doing free pulls, or just trying your luck on the first 10 pulls and moving on. The Dream Flower currency has a 1:1 Dream Flower to Jewels ratio per pull.

While it’s cheaper to obtain Fes Masterpiece from simply sparking duplicate Fes characters in the same banner, we will be doing a range for Fes Masterpieces specifically.

Here is the paid Jewel shop and their prices:
Note: The price is noted after the increased of Japanese sales tax

The first half of the in-app-purchase screen
The second half of the in-app-purchase screen

We will base each around the most expensive pack available in-game, ¥10,000 for 8,400 Jewels.

With each 10 pull costing around 2,500 Jewels, getting the guaranteed character will take a total of 300 pulls, totalling up to 90,000 Jewels and will cost approximately ¥108,320.

  • 10x, 8,400 Jewels pack (¥100,000)
  • 4,200 Jewels pack (¥5,020)
  • 2,650 Jewels pack (¥3,300)

Total: ¥108,320 for 90,850 Jewels

Dream Flower shop noting Fes & SSR Masterpieces
  • For 7 Fes Masterpieces, it will cost around  ¥758,240 –  ¥1,516,480
    • 2100 Total Pulls or 4200 Dream Flowers
  • For 6 SSR Masterpieces, it will cost around ¥649,920
    • 1800 Dream Flowers

Total: ¥1,408,160 – ¥2,166,400

Dream Flower shop noting SSR & SR Tickets

While we’ll be including the Lesson Tickets into the total, Lesson Tickets can easily be obtained from just playing the game compared to Masterpieces. Also, purchasing them via the Dream Flower currency isn’t worth it in the long run. 

  • For 180 SSR Lesson Tickets, it will cost around ¥3,249,600
    • 9000 Dream Flowers
  • For 360 SR Lesson Tickets, it will cost around ¥3,249,600 
    • 9000 Dream Flowers

Total: ¥6,499,200

Overall Total: ¥7,907,360 – ¥8,665,600

Due to the fact that Lesson Tickets are easily obtainable without spending money, I only included the range of price from only Masterpieces in the title.

The intent is to not spite the developers or the game itself, it is more to satisfy the curiosity about this compensation’s worth. This might arguably be the more expensive non-gacha compensation value given out in any mobages.


  • Spark/Sparking – Derived from Granblue Fantasy, a term where after you roll a set amount during a specific banner, usually being 300, you can select a specific character in that banner.
  • Masterpieces – Pieces that are converted from obtaining duplicate Idols. They can be used to uncap existing Idols for more stats and alternative outfits.
  • Lesson Tickets – Items used to level up specific Idols and raise their skill levels. They can be obtained from playing the story and just playing the game in general.


Compensation List (English Translated Twitter Fanpage)

Thumbnail Image is taken from a Discord emote :NantoJewels:

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