Princess Connect Re:Dive & Shadowverse Simultaneous Anime Airing

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2020 Anime Spring Season is looking great for fans of Cygames as two of their notable IPs, Princess Connect and Shadowverse, are both receiving anime adaptations

Key Visual for Shadowverse (TV)
Key Visual for Princess Connect! Re:Dive (TV)

There hasn’t been much attention given to the Shadowverse anime, whose only real form of announcement was an updated trailer, revealed at the Shadowverse RAGE finals, where the Shadowverse E-sports official tournament is generally held (More info). It seemed that the initial announcement of the anime reception was… poorly received, from both Shadowverse players and fans.
It’s highly likely that it was received poorly due to Shadowverse advertising it as some BIG NEWS (website now redirects you to the Anime page) which in fact may led to a lot of misinterpretation and misrepresentation. An example being, one of the top comments replied with an image, where the bottom text (obviously modified for meme purposes) mentioned keyphrases such as, “Refund!” and “Yeah, what’s going on?” Another reply simply memes on the situation where episode 1 would include a card, Bahamut, destroying everything in play. Replies like these conveys the general confusion and possible disappointment of this fan and possibly a large chunk of the fanbase judging by its likes and retweets. Also, there is no note of Shadowvere’s 9th Class, Portalcraft which hints that the Anime might’ve been in production before Portalcraft was released (2018), or Portalcraft is reserved for a surprise.

One response was this edited image conveying specific phrases such as “Refund!” and “Yeah, what’s going on?”

(Original Tweet)
Another response was a meme response where a specific card, Bahamut wipes out the entire board with the caption of “Episode 1: Shadowverse”

(Original Tweet)

Another possible factor is the key visuals for the anime itself, where it seems the anime is going to be entirely different from the general plot of the game. When an average fan of Shadowverse thinks of an anime adaptation of the game, they usually think the anime will cover and take place in the main story. In addition there’s already an existing animated cutscene for the game. It is also possible that the anime meant to be a Yugioh-like anime with the potential motive to aim towards a different demographic, potentially towards a younger audience, in terms of e-sports or competitive play for Shadowverse.

Trailer for Shadowverse (TV)

For Princess Connect Re:Dive (Priconne for short) Anime (Trailer), personally, I have a lot of expectations and anticipation. Especially when the game itself has anime cutscenes, I had a couple of thoughts for the Anime such as, “How much content would differ from the game?” and “Will the non-main story characters get introduced in some way?” With only the trailer and some internal studio articles (May become translated in the future) revealed at the moment, all we could do is wait until it airs, which is on April 6th. While I believe Priconne will become a good Anime, I do not believe it will gain the same amount of attention in the West compared to Japan. With a lot of well-known series airing season 2’s such as, Kaguya-sama, Fruit Basket, and Sword Art Online, it may overshadow Priconne and other Animes. However, there is always the unexpected where Priconne may end up being the underdog of the season.

Trailer for Princess Connect! Re:Dive (TV)

In a few hours after this publication (19:00 JST), Cygames Animation will be live streaming (Link). The stream is scheduled to present content in chronological order:

  1. Shadowverse
  2. Uma Musume: Pretty Derby
  3. Murenase! Seton Gakuen (Seton Academy)
  4. Princess Connect! Re:Dive
Cygames Animation Promotion Image included Schedule

I will make updates here… soon…

Rage Esports Shadowverse Page
Initial Announcement of the Shadowverse Anime
Reply #1
Reply #2
Bahamut Card
Shadowverse Anime PV
Shadowverse In-Game Anime cutscene
Princess Connect Re:Dive Anime Trailer
Cygames Animation Youtube Livestream

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